Thursday, July 17, 2008

my mountain

this after noon we are on our way to indy to check out the  crossroads bible college where my other half will be spending one night a week for the next 2 years earning his bachelors in ministry and leadership.  the intent is to focus on gaining the knowledge and skills it will require to lead a ministry focused on folks who have never had church as a part of their lives or who stopped attending church because of bickering, hypocracy or a general senese that they are not welcome for some reason or another.

folks, this a big thing , when ken first revealed to me about 2 months ago how God had been working on his heart about this for about a year i didnt think too much about what it would mean for me and the boy, but after we let or church family and pretty much the whole community in on this call i started to freak out a little. of course money was the first thing on our minds, as im sure it would be yours, not only how much is school gonna cost, but on a budget already stretched as tight as glad wrap, gas (indy is 2 hrs from here), lost working hours, etc. the bible says  that we will make sacrifies to live our lives for Christ.

 so i had a good freak-out fest in my brain (of course i always like to maintain a calm exterior) and told noone that i was flipping.the top of the freak-out mountain was probably the day i was accosted at the christian bookstore by an older lady, who's head cant be any higher than my chin (im only 5'3") shes hugging me and telling me how great it is that we are going into the ministry, telling anyone in the vicinity who i am, this is when i restrained my self from saying WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT IT!!!!!! but im over that now. im ready to believe God for  all my needs and i accepted that we may be called away from here, but i hope not, i love it here, i love my little house, and my church family, i love shopping downtown and i love my job and coworkers but if im told to go, i will go.

anyway after prayer and meditation ive discovered my role in this. God said "bring food and water" but i just realized, right now, as i was typing,that was davids role when his brothers were doing their part in the battle with the philistines. great thanks alot now im walking toward mt. freak-out again.  pray for us!


Anonymous said...

i have been, i've been that presences next to you on freakout mountain mmm

Amanda Jo said...

Wow - what an exciting time! I will pray that things go smoothly for you family and that school goes well!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for you visit to my blog!! I just got back from vacation, and you comment brighened up my morning! :) Thank you for stopping by, and do come again! I would love to get to know you!