Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my walking tour (raise your hand if you want to live here!)

iron scroll on the schofield house
a table garden, located on second street, which i have always found interesting 

these last two are both of the lanier mansion "the jewel in madison's crown" it is touted. we took the tour of the home while my parents were visiting, it was awesome
so raise your hand if you want to live here! (the town i mean, not the mansion.)


Ms. Math said...

Great photos! My hand is raised! :) The table garden is very neat, I've never seen anything like it.

diana said...

my hand is raised high in the sky in the shape of a-- iove madison

Amanda Jo said...

Wait, since I want to live in the mansion I can't raise my hand? Darn! ;)

Liz said...

Count me in! That table garden is cool.

Amanda Jo said...

Oh, our school district is crazy. They had registration for at least 12 over-populated schools at one school. That translates into about 600,000 people crammed into one tiny minimally air-conditioned building.

This is my first time registering Ethan for anything except daycare and the doctor's office. Hopefully it won't be like that for you guys - my tip is, get there early, wear comfy shoes and make sure you have exactly what they asked you to bring - it's better to be over prepared, TRUST ME!

Marci said...

I would at least love to come visit! I want a table garden too!