Monday, August 4, 2008

my paint job

my saturday was spent finishing my bathroom mini makeover. it was nothing as spectacular as the bathroom liz showed us last week, (not hers, her dream bathroom) but im happy. it all revolved around matching things up with my free shower curtain (thanks to my mom-in-law) so a splash or two of paint and some new glass things on the light fixture and now i wont be embarrassed at the boys b-day party  when im pretty sure at least one person will want to use the potty.

oh and i really would love some help with the mini (only 3 kids are invited) party we are throwing for the 3rd bday, its a pirate theme so tell me all your cheap  party throwing tips.


Tricia said...

Your bathroom looks great, I really like it!

Marci said...

Looks good! Love the paint color. My suggestion is to wear an eye patch talk like a pirate all day long. Arrr. And make video so I can laugh when I watch it!

Ms. Math said...

Your bathroom is very cute!

Laila said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Before, I allways translated my posts to English, but stopped since there was very few comments in English. Maybe I should start again, so you can follow it not only by pictures, but words too... Nice blog, and cute bathroom, by the way.

Amanda Jo said...

Great point you left on my blog today. I didn't consider what Ethan would want to do. He would much rather be with Granny than at Ms. H's house.

Man, I'm glad I asked you guys!