Thursday, August 21, 2008

my inner dork

how big of a dork am i? we walked to the playground yesterday and this is what i took, a nonfiction book thats 2 inches thick and my travel mug, well i dont like walking in the dirt and mulch around the playground equipment and i needed something to do other than just sit on the bench.

in other news it is getting a little warm for me, im not a lover of steamy over 90 weather, i detest air conditioning, it makes me feel caged in, kind of a summer version of cabin fever because if my air is on that means it is too hot to go do anything outside. 

well, since blogging is just an excuse this afternoon for not doing what i ought to be doing (house work) i better go do what i ought to be doing :(

and dont forget, tomorrow is fourth friday, that means art jam in downtown madison and also FREE trolley rides. horray!


diana said...

i say your chose of reading materal is supurb.

Leslie said...

I love to take a book to the park and you know how I feel about coffee! :) As for hot and humid, I'm with you...I love spring and fall...just cool enough to keep the doors and windows open when you're inside, and oh so comfy when you're outside. Soon we'll have that again, right? :)