Monday, July 28, 2008

my failure

see this outfit? i cannot get the boy to wear this! and he is so not picky about his clothes. i did trick him into wearing it ONE time i waited until we were about to walk out the door the got him dressed quickly and talked to him the whole time so he wouldnt realize what he was wearing until it was too late but he was so cute.
 he absolutely refuses any further attempt i have made at putting these shorts on him.

 anyone want a pair of 3t shorts,... only been worn once  :(


Ms. Math said...

Those shorts are adorable! I can't believe your little boy won't wear them - they're so fun!

Amanda Jo said...

I'm blessed, Ethan isn't to the point yet where he is picky about his clothing. I'm afriad those days are coming quickly.

Marci said...

M always says she always wants to wear flowers or butterflies. I don't think sharks will work! But you never know!