Tuesday, October 20, 2009

christmas is coming!

i saw it at Lowes! christmas trees and all sorts of tacky blow up lawn ornaments. that means its time to start thinking about my 2nd annual buy nothing christmas (well, almost nothing, mama cant make transformers, pity)

with this in mind, what was the best ever "un bought" christmas gift you have gotten in your whole life?

tell me, tell me!

im planning, bags, aprons, stuffies, hotties (whats a hottie you ask? its a grain filled bag which you microwave for the BEST warm snugglies on a cold winter night) and of course goodies.

pics to come but head over to last christmas to see some of my previous creations hea back to 2008 on my archive and check it out.

 after reading last christmas and some of the comments from my friends, i want to thank you, i may not have alot of readers but i do love you and feel so encouraged by all  of you. in addition, i promise to try to do better in the blogging department for the rest of the year.


amber said...

hobby lobby had their christmas stuff up in September! SEPTEMBER!!

I am going to try and do a handmade Christmas this year except the gifts will still be purchased (ETSY!) because I'm not very talented. ;)

Holly said...

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for this Christmas! You are so creative!

diana said...

i can tell u some of my fav's that i've given. last year majda drwe this beautiful pic that her mom taped on the wall and i framed it for her for xmas when i was done i loved it so much i wanted to keep it. and the year before i made 8 8x10 enlargements of a 1950's family pice personalizing each frame for all my siblings.alot of my no cost giving centers around photography.
one time back in the 60's i made all my friends candles that was fun. and i love giving gifts in a jar mixes they are very inexpensive and i can think of several people on ur list that would love them. u cand make the bean soup one for under a dollar a jar. ye can't buy a card 4 that. one year i twisted wire to spell out name wall hangings. and remember how popular my rose bud lampshades were? the year i made 50 xmas stockings was a buzy one.and they went togeather fast. acoupon book is a nice idea too. thats where u offer to babsit,mow the lawn. make a cake. or not nag, u get the idea. hope that gets ur imagination running wild.

ChickiePoo said...

I love un-bought Christmas, but the kicker is. I don't really make anything either.

Just found your site through twitter. Follow us @madchickiepoo or check out our site!

I look forward to seeing you.

Patti said...

I dry my herbs, make herbal vinegar, can pickles, make breads, make spiced peaches, and load up baskets with these goodies for the neighbors and elderly relatives...the nice thing is that much of it is made before the holiday rush - no stress!

Leslie said...

I so loved making the hotties with you last year! I'm willing and able to do that again if you'd like! :) The kids and I use ours all the time and I know that others we gave them to use them as well. Nothing is better than feeling all warm and cozy on a cold winter day!

I love making fudge each year for everyone, too! Know anyone who might like some? ;-)

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