Saturday, May 15, 2010

book giveaway!

it took me 5 days from when i started this post to actually post it, see, it says the 15th, its now the 20th. life is busy.

want to see what its about?

leave a comment and i will pick a winner on may 24, monday evening...say 7:15-ish

good luck, my the bookiest book worm win.


Amanda Jo said...

After reading what this book is about I am excited for the chance to win it!!! Please pick me. I'll send you some of that mexican candy you like so much... :D

{bribery doesn't disqualify me, does it?}

Marci said...

I am a the bookiest bookwormian and would love something to read.

amber said...

This book sounds really, really good! Would love to win it!

Anonymous said...


Holly said...

This book sounds wonderful! When are you sending it to me? :)