Friday, October 7, 2011

Ken and i got all dressed up and attended the Choices For Women fundraising banquet last night.
Dominic got to spend the evening with Rachel, which is always a treat for him because Rachel pretty much lets him do whatever he wants.

The director of Choices for Women here in the madison area shared stories of helping women, young and old choose life but also told us that 13 women in the last 3 years have been led to accept Christ as well.

we got to see friends from Hanover United Methodist Church there as well as, friends from , First Baptist, Good Samaritain, Rykers Ridge Baptist, Cornerstone baptist, Christian Academy of Madison, EO Muncie Elementary, the OB/GYN office, it was so wonderful to see so many from all over the county with hearts to help expectant mothers in crisis situations.


Holly said...

YAY! I've been anxiously awaiting a photo of you with a baby bump. You look SOOO adorable! :)

diana said...

time for a new post