Wednesday, January 11, 2012

if i ruled the world...

there would be free overnight shipping from and Amazon.
because i want my stuff...right now...but i dont want to pay extra.

do you know that you cant buy cereal or toilet paper from target online?
why? thats what i want to know, i want cereal shipped directly to me...overnight, free shipping.

i went on a mini spree at yesterday, i ordered my Moby, some burts bees diaper cream, it is quite expensive (8.50 a tube!!) but it WORKS, very well, some diapers and an extra part for my pump.
yay, for gift cards.

i almost bought baby some shoes and some books as well, but time had gotten away from me while i was looking at cereal and toilet paper and i had to cut my shopping spree short and go get Dominic from school.

i also noticed when i logged in to baby registry that it shows 12 days until my actual due date! so close, yet so far away. lets all hope for this week ok? friday would be perfect for us.


Amanda Jo said...

TWELVE DAYS!!! This is going FAST!!!!! I cannot believe it. Have you guys ever heard of or tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste? Cheaper than Burts and works REALLY well. We swore by it when Ethan was in diapers!

CM said...

What is a Moby? I don't think that existed a few years ago when I had babies.

Oh, and I'm totally with ya on the shipping. If all shipping were free, I would order a lot more online. Retailers should figure that out. There have been times I had a whole cart load of stuff, but saw the shipping was going to be $12.95 and deleted the entire purchase. Loss for them. Everyone offered free shipping during Christmas and I ordered, ordered, ordered! I've noticed most of those deals have disappeared now, though.