Saturday, May 26, 2012

first flight and free advertisment for Heitz Sign Company

our visit to the Outer Banks, NC  could not have passed without a visit to a historic site, because i love history.

 this visit to NC allowed us an opportunity to visit a historic site that was not located in the midwest. Kittyhawk. go visit the web site for more picture of the actual location. these are my family photos of the trip.
 i could not pass up this opportunity to show off my little "genius".
this is at the top of the hill that the memorial sits on...quite a walk, i must say, especially when carrying my 18 LB butterball in the Moby.
 Dominic stands here  reading the marker in the spot where the first flight commenced.

 ya like his choice of wardrobe? swimming trunks, sandals,  a fedora and free Heitz Sign Company tee shirt. we joke in our family that we have a contract with Mr. Patrick Heitz, owner and my former boss,  that if we go out as a family at least one person in the group must wear a Heitz Sign Company tee shirt. so far Miles is the only one who does not have one. what!? theyre comfortable...and they were free.


Marci said...

looks like a fun time! And there is nothing wrong with always being ready to swim when you are near the ocean!! (the hat is just cool)

Tricia said...

I think D looks very stylish.
18 pounds?!!!!