Sunday, November 9, 2014

this is what Saturday looked like

 Cliche shot of the Milton Madison Bridge
 me and my sweet baby girl playing on the couch (she is almost 7.5 months!)
 Dominic spinning me on a piece of playground equipment that we have dubbed personal merry go rounds. guys strolling ahead of me while i try out different settings on our new Fuji X30...i really like it, it is much smaller that my gargantuan DSLR that i carried for quite a few years, i went to a lame-o coolpix when miles was born because of the smaller size and i am SO glad to have a real camera...the kind that actually takes a picture when you push the button instead of having a ridiculously long delay, thus losing the shot...especially where babies and toddlers are involved.

many thanks to Ken for researching (read; obsessing) over this camera and trading in all his older gear to get it. i see many more blog posts in my future...ones that actually contain pictures. :)

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