Monday, June 13, 2016

i can see!

when i wake up in the morning, most mornings, first order is coffee. It should be glasses, but it isnt. so my brain wakes up a little but my eyes still see the unclearly. The edges of the world around me are fuzzy and non distinct.

i CAN see without my glasses, i can read, i can operate my phone and computer, i can get the kids breakfast, make the bed, do laundry, etc. but i become increasingly irritable as i am unable to see depth, pattern, and words clearly. often times it takes hours for me to realize what the problem is. by then i have snapped at the children, fussed and groused about nothing at all and just generally been a cranky, unkind person.

all of that can turn around in a second by doing 2 things: Recognizing my problem and taking steps to fix it.
in fixing it i can see all the good stuff....and all the not so good stuff, like the crumbs and chunks of food that need swept up from under the table, but now that i can see it i can fix it. coffee spilled on the tan counter top, i can now see it, and fix it.

so being vision impaired is great if you want a good excuse to ignore the junk that needs work, but its really no way to go through life.


Chris White said...
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