Tuesday, November 24, 2009


heres one of the things i really love about facebook

the LIKE

i love the like, it says i read your status updates and i validate what you have to say, but i dont have a real comment other than "thumbs up".

can i get a LIKE to use on my friends' blogs

would you mind if i LIKE you in the comments section without giving you a comment or would you be offended deeply and unforgivably? (tricia, if you say yes you would be deeply offended then i apologize in advance).


amber said...


amber said...

Seriously, I am a huge fan of the like. I totally think that blogs should have that option.

Amanda Jo said...

I'm 100% with you on this!!!!

Rusty said...

LIKE! The like button kind of sucks when you feel empathy for a bad status but have no words, for example, "My foot hurts today..." (not sure why I used that example!) We need a dislike button!


Tricia said...

I liked your like. So many times I too like what I read on a blog but have nothing to say...this works for me!

Holly said...

Looks like you're on to something! :) Let the LIKE begin!

Ter said...

you can do something like that on blogs... see mine... you can make it say whatever you want. But most people don't seem to notice it... including myself, even though I have it on my blog!

by the way I popped by to tell you that Amber (Viva Voce) chose your blog as one of the ones to feature in her follower of the month post on my blog. :)