Friday, November 27, 2009

pretty gift wrap tutorial

this tutorial is in 2 separate posts, keep scrolling to get the rest.

last year i had so many compliments on my nicely wrapped gifts that i decided to do my first ever tutorial. how to wrap a pretty package.
start out by measuring out how much paper you need. i normally err on the side of caution and cut a LITTLE extra not too much extra though.
the next step is to use one of the factory straight edges and match it up to the straight edge of the box, use one piece of tape to secure the middle. too much tape starts to look messy.
bring the other side around, pull it taut, but not too tight and fold the end of the wrapping paper under, this creates a nice clean edge.
use one piece of tape in the middle.
heres where it tends to get messy, nothing a little practice wont cure. trim off any excess paper from the ends, the paper should extend no further than the edge of the box or a little less.


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