Friday, October 29, 2010

not MY kid

yep, MY kid. Ken and i had our eyes opened this morning. we went to see Dominics class perform their little sketch and song about the 12 men who spied on Canaan and saw how drastic his behavior change from home to school was.

i knew that he has trouble sitting still, he has trouble with making noises and talking and often doesnt listen and obey....
but the willful disobedience and out right rebellion to his teacher that we witnessed this morning was something i did not expect.
i thought if we could train him to not talk and make noise, if we could channel the need for constant movement he would do better in class.
he told his teacher 'no' when she gave him directions this morning! WHAT??!

we had NO idea! rebellion and disobedience to this extent did not come up in the meetings and e mails with his teacher. i want to know when my kid is acting a fool in class!

in the last 2 weeks we let up a little and tried to think of better ways than nightly punishments to get him to behave in class. we made up reward systems, i offered him a silly band in exchange for a note of good behavior. his teacher offered him stickers and prizes.

The party is over, we are back to nights of extended periods of nosey tosey (time out with your nose, toes and hands on the wall), sitting on the bed, not doing anything fun, having toys taken away, no tv and yep, even spankings.

there has to be a better way, i just havent found it. i am however open to suggestions.

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