Sunday, October 31, 2010

this weekend

the cleaning out of the pumpkin, probably the thing i hated most about halloween as a kid. my mom has multiple pictures of me making faces similar to this one.

as most of you might guess...i ended up cleaning out the pumpkin.

saturday was house cleaning day. it was gorgeous outside and i took it as my last opportunity of the season to hang out blankets.

sunday, ken preached as a substitute preacher at kent baptist, i took it as my first opportunity of the season to wear some of my goodwill winter wardrobe. paisley A-line corderoy skirt 3.95, eggplant top with cute french cuffs and just the right amount of stretch, 2.95.

the tights i paid full price for and cost almost as much as the rest of the outfit put together, which is nuts because, if im going to not lie to myself, i MAY get 4 wears out of the tights before they have a run too big to hide.

i also discovered today that my coat needs dry cleaned and 2 buttons are ready to pop off. good to know. i dont want to lose those buttons, the coat only came with 1 extra.


Jessica said...

You look so cute!!!

Tricia said...

I love this photo of you!