Thursday, July 28, 2011

cant hardly wait!

my family will be visiting from texas next week!! Dad, Katie Sean and Connor will be here on saturday!!!

Dominic had just one question, "why cant Opa (my dad) bring Jackson (my nephew)?"
me: because he lives in california with his mom and dad
Dominic: well, they they can go get him before they come here.

nevermind the addition of 3 or 4 days one way to the trip

also a topic of conversation has been the absence of peanut butter for the week, Sean is severly allergic so PB and J are banned, dominic is not amused .

well, im off to clean my guest room and vacum the cat hair off the furniture, fun day ahead.

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diana said...

i'm sure dominic would much rather have the company of sean then pb and with connor to hang with he will never miss it.