Monday, July 25, 2011

everyone has been asking...

how are you feeling.

i usually say "pretty good, sometimes a bit nauseaus"

what i dont say is "for some reason the grocery shopping makes me heave" i dont know why it is, but when i come home from wal mart im beat down to the ground tired and running for the toilet.

poor dominic...he always looks scared. he comes to the bathroom door and asks "are you ok mommy"

also, i dont complain to them (but i will tell you) that getting dressed is harder than ever, my pants dont fit, the next size up pants slide down in back, giving me a saggy butt, none of my skirts fit, my snug tee shirts look ridiculous right now and none of my shorts fit properly either.
i have 2 dersses that are good, theyre my best friends right now.

aside from that things are going well, we took dominic to the dr with us last week and we all got to hear the baby's heart beat. he is super excited about being a big brother.

we are hoping for the gender reveal august 18. keep your fingers crossed that the baby's legs are un crossed :)


Tricia said...

Walmart does the same thing to me and I'm not even pregnant. Hope the nausea passes soon.

Ken said...

I wish we could click "like on these posts and the comments.

diana said...

oohh my poor baby hugs