Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a fun but tiring weekend

friday night dominic and i found ourselves unexpectedly on a scavenger hunt around the downtown. they gave us this excellent map and we set out to find. we found that the prize at each location was a different colored piece of sidewalk chalk and sometimes (like Cocoa safari) a sweet treat :)

when we were done we were directed to the madison courier parking lot which had been emptied of cars, and there used the chalk we had collected.

saturday we met up with Tricia and Megan for some fun shopping and strolling of the Chatauqua art festival.
"if he were about 20 years older, i would have a crush on him" -Megan Lee Welch

he did look very hipster in his straight leg jeans and Vans on saturday.

and Megan with her giant bag of kettle corn.

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Tricia said...

It was great seeing you Sat, but I still feel like we haven't had time to visit!