Thursday, September 1, 2011

whats so great?

i love my pinterest. i visit pinterest at least twice a day to see what my friends are pinning and to see all the other cool ideas and tutorials.

fact: pinterest will make you hungry. people pin delicious looking pastries and little sandwich rolls stuffed with goat cheese and proscuitto, they pin the perfect margarita, they pin southern peach tea.

they also pin things that are spin-offs of red velvet velvet cookies, red velvet brownies, red velvet cake pops, um...ok? so whats the big deal about red velvet? its really, in my opinion the LEAST of all cakes, seriously, the taste is ok, the texture IS good i must admit but the crumbs that inevitably fall off...they stain. personally im just as happy with a great white cake, im even happier with a lemon or carrot cake and oh yeah...dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting....actually anything with cream cheese frosting.

so what is so great about red velvet cake? do people love it because they think they should? is it because a long long time ago someone told them that red velvet cake is the classiest kind of cake? or do some people just really really love red velvet cake?

whats your favorite kind of cake?


diana said...

my fav is any cake that brings a smile to the person i baked it for face, since i don't really like cake

diana said...

i use to love making angelfood cake for you.

Ken said...

Di, I like your answer. My answer is Slime Cake®. Made best by my ma.