Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my mind has a playlist of its own

a strange phenomenon has taken over up here in my head today. i know its not strange to some of you nor is it odd or unusual for my husband but its quite out of the ordinary for me.
it seems random words and phrases are triggering songs which will then stay in my head until something else triggers a new song.
the word "sometimes" triggered "tainted love"
the word "take" triggered lou reed's "walk on the wild side"
the phrase "the hardest part" triggered tom petty's "The Waiting (is the hardest part)"
and numerous others which i have no idea what word i heard to get them in my head
they include "cuts like a knife"," cover of the rolling stone", "i'll fly away", and "stray cats strut"

then theres my post title...which i have only myself to blame for, an obscure song called "my mind's got a mind of its own" it is performed by jimmie dale gilmore who plays the character of Smokey in The Big Lebowski. (random trivia, right there)
im wondering what songs the rest of my day will unearth form the depths of my brain.


diana said...

your varied knowledge of music never ceases to amaze me

hilltopper said...

i wouldnt be so knowledgable on 50-70's if not for you. :)

Ken said...

I was just listening to gilmore on the way home from Indy the other day. Interesting.