Friday, August 26, 2011

space bags, chicken and the necessity of peach tea

i cant get enough Sonic unsweetened peach tea, i crave it all the time, but i hate paying full price for anything so i get extra happy when its happy hour, dominic loves it too. school lets out at 2:10 so i dont have time to exclude him from my Sonic fix, not that i would want to, his small drink ends up costing me a whole 50 cents.

this week is "clean up the baby's room" week yesterday i tackled the closet, which was packed to the gills with...stuff, just stuff, i found a ton of stuff that could go to goodwill, stuff to pitch, stuff to find a better home for and comforters, 3 really big fluffy cozy comforters. enter the space bags, these 3 comforters, non space bagged, took up the equal space of at least 2 plastic totes, and they never stayed stacked or folded properly, they were basically crammed in the closet waiting for winter so they could serve their purpose. i packed them in space bags, now theyre a nice tight bundle that i can fit nicely under my bed, yay for space bags.

all this space bagging made me extra hungry, i had seen on Pinterest, a recipe for crispy baked chicken tenders....mmmmmm. so to the delight of my carnivorous family it was baked chicken tenders for dinner. they were one of the easiest recipes ever.
drag the chicken through some flour, dredge it in egg and roll it in the crumbs of Club Crackers put it on a well sprayed baking pan, cook at 425 for 15 minutes, flip it, cook it for another 15 minutes. easy, delicious, and not too bad for you.


diana said...

i just thought of another hiding place for all that winter bedding put a towel bar or curtian rod on the backsid of your headboard and hand them there. just a thought

diana said...

should have used spell check lol i ment backside and hang

Tricia said...

Spacebags. I bought some about 7 years ago at Costco and spent a day spacebagging everything. I put my bagged comforter behind my bed and all was well until about a month later when in the middle of the night my space bag came alive with the air slowly leaking out causing a creepy noise, joined by the other creepy noise of plastic crinkling. TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT!

correspondent said...

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