Monday, August 29, 2011

stop following me, Space Bags Correspondent!

i received this comment on my blog today, at first i thought, hmm, thats interesting, then i thought "wait, how do they know about my blog? how do they know what i said about space bags"
is there someone who's job it is to search the web for anything that anyone has said about Space Bags?

they also commented on the story Tricia left in the comments section so heres Tricia's story, and then the nice comment i received from the Space Bags correspondent
Blogger Tricia said...

Spacebags. I bought some about 7 years ago at Costco and spent a day spacebagging everything. I put my bagged comforter behind my bed and all was well until about a month later when in the middle of the night my space bag came alive with the air slowly leaking out causing a creepy noise, joined by the other creepy noise of plastic crinkling. TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT!

Blogger correspondent said...

Thanks for mentioning Space Bag in your blog post about tidying up the kid's room. We're happy to help contain the extra blankets and clothing, saving you space for the things you need within easy reach. Just wanted to let you know that Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers where we have tons of tips for saving space and organizing around the house. Feel free to visit to view our ideas.

Also, we want to let you and Tricia know that Space Bag recently made product improvements, including a new double zipper and patented one-way valve to help the bags keep their vacuum-seal. Space Bag also has a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you'd like to get in touch with someone at Space Bag about these improvements and guarantee, just use the "contact us" form on the Space Savers community.

Best wishes,
Space Savers correspondent

so what im wondering is how can i make this work for me, ok, yay Space Bags (seriously) but im talking about the Sonic peach teas that i also mentioned in the last post, where's the Sonic correspondent? and dont you think that at least one peach tea per week on the house (at least until my baby is born) would be suitable compensation for someone who sings the praises of Sonic's happy hour on a very regular basis via blog and Facebook?

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diana said...

i don't know about the tea but i have input on the spacebags.i didn't know they had a websight. now that i do i will visit it. i love the way they store winter coats, ad hate the fact that i need winter coats at all. they are great on vacation since the airlines have restricted the amount of baggage that can acompany me. and i have learned the hard way not to be fooled by imposters.i think it's kinda cool they took your blog seriously enough to respond.