Thursday, August 11, 2011

top ten worst boy names

in looking for a suitable names for baby R i have been perusing a name book, just for funzies.
i have compiled a list of the worst boy names ever, these are all in the book, i didnt make any of these up, seriously. some are old german names which have taken on new meaning, some are made up (by apparently ignorant americans) some are just things that make ya go... hmmm?

#10 Brockly- yes, you heard me correctly, broccoli, but spelled differently, i also found Kale and Lemon, but they didnt make the official list.

#9 Whip- maybe if youre an indiana jones fan

#8 Curb

#7 Yank- yes i suppose if youre a yankees fan, or if youre really proud of your northern heritage. i think of the term to "yank somebodys chain" as in to fool them.

#6 Zero- make the kid feel loved and wanted with a name like this.

#5 Frick- if youre not a Scrubs fan this may not seem too bad, if you are then, frick on a stick is a phrase youre familiar with.

#4 Gunyan- this just made me laugh, it rhymes with Funyan, or onion, its not a good baby name.

#3 Ich- just Ick

#2 Hooker- -no

#1 Faddy- Really? is this even an option, seriously, i know, i call my cat Fatty, but he is a CAT.

stay tuned for my list of names to call your daughter if your aspirations for her include exotic dancer.


Marci said...

Hooker? Really? I suggest Blerg.

cherilyn_miller said...

One of the funnest things about being preggers is reading the baby name books!

If you named this kid Frick, you could refer to him and Dom as "Frick and Frack." It has a nice ring to it.

Even with the kajillion names in those books, I still couldn't come up with a name that fit my second born. I had to go outside the books and make one up myself!

Amanda Jo said...

Wow... I am amazed by the sheer awfulness of the whole list.

Tamil Baby Names said...

If you named this kid Frick, you could refer to him and Dom as "Frick and Frack." It has a nice ring to it.

Kiran Iluri said...

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