Friday, August 19, 2011

top ten worst girls names

i promised you all my compiled top ten worst girls names and i will oblige by giving it to you, with a bonus "exotic dancer names " section
but first a tidbit of exciting news that many of you already know. we are having a boy. more rockets, more robots, more swords and nerf guns and bows and arrows.
so i am greatly outnumbered, my dear quick witted brother in law dubbed my home the testerocean, even the cat is a boy.

but ok. on with the top 10
# 10 Argyle- this is not a name, its a pattern

#9 Fructose-if its in the ingredients list of a fruit roll up, then its probably not a good idea to name your kid that.

#8 Chicadee- epic fail, if you want to honor your bird watching roots Robin is a suitable chioce

#7 Bano- because youre one tilde away from being the bathroom

#6 Cinderella- Just...dont

#5 Dashiki- wow, what can i say, maybe her brother can be named Pancho

#4 Frigg- a name that is an alternative to an expletive is never a good idea.

#3 Hollah- uncalled for

#2 Hella- "have you seen the Jones' new baby?" " oh yeah, shes Hella cute"

#1 Mitten- unless youre the King of Pop cold weather outer wear is a no-no for naming baby.

and now for the bonus "exotic dancer" section

Disclaimer: this list is for entertainment purposes only. my opinion barely matters to my friends, it shouldnt matter at all to you, especially if you had your heart set on naming your next child Mitten.


Marci said...

You forgot Amber on your exotic list. Love the Tilde comment!!

Jessica said...


Somehow I missed the news about a boy (or, I just forgot. Very possible) Congratulations! :)