Monday, August 22, 2011

more support

in the past support was never an issue when i bought shoes. i dont run. i wear flip flops and cute flats and these were the most athletic shoes i owned.
my beloved comfortable Vans which i want to add that i paid a whopping 25 bucks for.

those days are over, kids. last week i could barely stand a day of standing up and walking all day long in my non supportive shoes. my hip hurt, and i had pain in my last 3 toes. ow.
i knew i wasnt going to make it another 4+ months until my due date if i didnt find some comfortable shoes.
the problem? my arch its weird, the arch of shoes never is in the right spot, and a strange spot on my heel that if pressed causes my second to the last toe on my left foot to go numb. this is why i have been in flat shoes for the last 9 years.

fortunately for me, i found that this shoe, is comfortable and fits me well, it has good room in the toe and doesnt crowd my toes together, but is snug at the heel so it doesnt slip off, doesnt hit my arch funny and doesnt press my weird heel spot.
i only tried on EVERY pair of womens running shoes at Penneys. but it was totally worth it.


Amanda Jo said...

Those are WAY cute!!!!

diana said...

one word areo soles

hilltopper said...
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