Sunday, December 4, 2011


2 more weeks.....
and i will be officially classified as stay at home mom.
this prospect is exciting and scary at the same time. at this point in my baby baking experience working is starting to get difficult. it doesnt take much to tire me out, the nausea is back accompanied by terrible acid reflux, even eating is a chore sometimes so for the last month of my pregnancy i will rest a little more' i wont exhaust myself trying to take care of my family, myself and work.
when Dominic's Christmas break starts, my days as SAHM start.
this is just a bit scary in the financial department. i work 24 hours per week, which doesnt make a super fat check but when you cut that out of the already tight monthly budget is a little nerve wracking.
we are counting on God's provision and blessing combined with wise spending and strict budgeting to make this work. i dont really like the strict budgeting part, but the alternative is to spend my money on child care and formula (i know they say working moms can nurse but i just dont see how that can possibly work) not to mention someone else getting to spend every day with my little baby while i work.
in addition to taking care of my family full time,i am looking forward to seeing what ministry opportunities God has for me since my schedule is, for the most part, completely open.

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