Wednesday, December 7, 2011

im in for it

if this boy is a rowdy outside the womb as he is in for trouble.

i imagine this little guy as my maniac child, the one that you say "if i had this one first i may not have had another child"
all the scenarios that were just wacky enough to be funny with Dominic (ie: the dirt eating, the getting ahold of daddys deodorant, the Mudcat pottery clay experience) will be magnified to epic proportions which will leave me staring at the mayhem in disbelief.

he kicks, he punches, he elbows, he turns and tumbles...non stop, i can tell when he is asleep because he is still.
there will be no swaddling this boy, sleep sacks all the way with this one. Dominic loved to be swaddled, he also loved to pee on me, im sure am looking forward to a repeat of that.


khairul said...
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Liz Owen said...

Jane was constantly busy in there when I was pregnant... but she's the sweetest most laid back baby. You just never know! :)