Saturday, August 4, 2012

yep, thats a sin

 this Chic-fil-a thinghas gotten blown so far out of proprotion. sadly, most of the people on the side of "get this guy, he hates gays" have not even read Chic-fil-a's statement of the sanctity of marriage, it seems most folks just heard that the guy hates gays and now refuse to eat his chicken. oh, and want to get as many other people as possible enraged enough to not eat his chicken.

Kids, this isnt post about chicken, its about my personal grief in knowing that a lot of people that i love are on the Jesus hating band wagon. i have heard statements like "i dont want to be part of a religion that doesnt allow you to love who ever you want"

you can love who ever you want!! in fact you SHOULD love everyone, just not in the way that God intended for a man and a woman within the bonds of marriage to love each other.

heres the part where you get to start hating me, hating my Lord and slamming me for my convictions.

it is a sin for two people who are not married to each other to have sexual relations.

if they are not married, to each other,  in the biblical view of marriage then they are sinning.

now, many, many, many of us have committed this sin, i have committed this sin, i have also committed many other sins and so have you, i have gossiped, i have lied, i have been greedy, i have drank alcohol to excess, i have made my self image my idol, i have chased things that i thought would make me more happy, only to find myself less happy. whether or not you believe in God, whether or not you believe that Jesus Christ died to save you from you sins, you have still sinned

but in Christ i am a new creation, i no longer have to be a slave to my sin, i no longer have to join the gossiping crowd (although sometimes i still fall into that, and then i ask forgiveness and repent) i no longer want to drink to excess so that i can forget life for a short time (let me clarify, i like to have a drink or two, drinking is not the sin, drunkeness is the sin).

in posting this blog post, i can think of at the least 5 people who may not wish to speak to me any more, these 5 people are people that i love, people that i have eaten with, people that love my kids.

i cant take any more FB posts about hating people who "hate gays" Jesus doesnt hate gays, he hates sin. ALL SIN. the end


Ken said...
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Ken said...

I am eternally grateful for the love that you showed me in my darkest days of sin and the love of Christ that you've shown throughout our life together. I'm also thankful that you love me enough to always call me back to Christ when I drift away from Him.

That is the love I need.

diana said...


cherilyn_miller said...

I wish I would get some kind of notification every time you post a blog entry. I never think to go looking for anyone's. My sister-in-law writes a GREAT blog (she's very smart, witty) and I never think to go read hers, either.

Anyway, my only point is, I obviously miss a lot of good stuff and then I'm trying to read 6 months' worth at once. Good thing the kids are back to school, huh? ;o)

I love this post. So much. You are so, so, so, so right. I won't say anything more, or it would become a blog of my very own.