Friday, July 27, 2012

high anxiety

no, not the mel brooks classic.
real high anxiety.
you may have heard about the 2 girls, Lyric cook, age10 and Elizabeth collins age 8, who were abducted from  a small town park/lake area. Those girls lived down the street and around the corner from my mom and dad.
it has caused my anxiety level to go sky high, not just about child abduction, about a lot of other terrible things that COULD happen (but most likely wont)
especially as i prepared on wednesday night to visit my parents.
we could get a flat tire on the side of the highway.
we could get robbed while stopping at a gas station. the car could get stolen with the kids in it. the baby could choke in his sleep. dominic could fall off the swings, hit his head just right and die on impact.

well. you get the picture, im NOT that person, i dont prepare for the worst! i dont think of all the calamities that could befall me and my family.

the only solution is prayer, praying for God to protect us and also prayer that The Enemy will have no foot hold in my mind, he is really, really good at getting in and telling me all of the worst things that could happen. the more time i spend worrying, the less im depending on God, the less faith im having that he will protect me, that he has good plans for me and that he will give me rest.

also, i vow to NOT watch the news or read peoples FB links to news stories that are about crime and the decline of the human condition. the news is like food for my anxieties, was reminded of that last night, it meant tossing and turning all night contemplating how humans could be so disgusting and broken.

but lets conclude this with God is Good and will make all things new in his time. i cant wait

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