Friday, July 20, 2012

wood floors and the olympics.

busy day yesterday!! my friend Lori and her two teens helped me pull up our old ratty, dirty, juice stained, cat hair ridden carpet. this is what had been covered up for the last 25 years or so.

we pulled out carpet, padding, staples and tack strips from 9am until 6pm, swept up, dust mopped, and applied orange cleaner.

i wont go into the details of the dirt, dust and allergens we discovered under the carpet, suffice to say, i will not be someone who advocates carpeting anything, i would say for the rest of my life, but ...ya never know what the future will bring.

the less one makes declarative statements, the less one looks like a fool in the long run.

also big news. Ken bought me a digital antenna to hook up to my vintage 1990's tv so that i can watch the olympics and the world series.....i never knew i was a sports fan.


Tricia said...

Those floors are gorgeous!

Grandma Rocky said...

Who knew!!

Holly said...

Looks beautiful!

Amanda Jo said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! So glad you took the chance!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, your floors are GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous! I wish we lived in a house where there were wood floors hidden under our ugly dusty rose carpet. Instead, we've begun pulling up the carpet in the old office & it's cracker & very dirty concrete underneath.