Thursday, July 12, 2012

she's alive (sub title, a few things i thought about while looking at pinterest)

quilts- i like them, but i know i dont have the patience to make a big nice on like the ones i see one pinterest with nice herring bone patchwork patterns and if i did make one, i would keep it all to myself and not let anyone else, especially not the cat, use it.  since it isnt Christlike to be that selfish, i think i will just save myself the whole forgiveness and repentance thing and not make a quilt.

fonts-im a font geek...there i said it, are you happy now?

home organization- i love the idea of home organization, i impliment and idea here and there but lets face it, that looks like a lot of work, i would rather just search all around the kitchen for the scissors, open the junk drawer only to have it explode its contents all over the floor and then end up using a knife to cut whatever it was that i needed the scissors for because the scissors never surfaced.

knee length skirts- they work on everyone. look classy and protect your modesty at the same time!

back yard bowling alley- do i even have to comment on why this would be awesome?

Chic fil a- yes i pinned a recipe of how to make chic fil a chicky nuggets, theyre Dominic's favorite fast food nuggets, he loves going to Clarksville to the dentist because we get to stop at Chic Fil A.

hula hoop tent- now heres one i might actually do!! i have a hula hoop and i have a lightly used king size sheet, i may do this today...seriously.

on another note, im hoping to pick up a more regular blogging schedule when school starts the baby will sleep and i can get some blogging time in...heres hoping.

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