Thursday, December 13, 2012

O' tannenbaum.

this is what christmas would look like at my house if i had my way

this is the tree this year, the kids decorated it.

my way: a color scheme
Their way : COLORS

my way: a single color of lights
Their way: COLOR

my way: a nice shiny bead garland
Their way: COLOR

you get the idea, its not that i dont like color...its that i like controlled color. and they like COLORS!!!!!!!

side note: i started this blog as a personal life journal that i agreed to share with everyone. i stopped blogging when life wasnt as "pretty" as it had been, im going to try to start blogging again, because even when life isnt pretty, it is a story, and whats a great story without some not so pretty parts.

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cherilyn_miller said...

The boys decorated our tree this year as well. Jimmy came home, looked at it and VERY tentatively asked, "Is this how you like it?" I said, "No. But you know what? My boys are only here for a few short years. When they're gone and it's just me decorating the tree for the next 30 years? That's plenty of time to do it my way." These things matter, Monica, and a good (GREAT) mom knows when to roll with it. Love those boys!