Monday, December 17, 2012

sweater song

while in attendance at Whitney and Sam's ugly sweater party, a friend asked us if we would like her to take our picture as a are 3 of the 10 pictures that were taken, these are the best ones...

 nice, huh? but i cant complain, as you can see i was participating in the wackiness.

Natalie won the ugliest sweater contest, here she is with her "trophy" a coffee mug that Sam picked out at Goodwill.

Hilary and Laura show off their ugly sweaters, personally, i think Laura's is pretty cute, i would wear that. Hilary worked the hardest on making her ugly sweater, but since there was no second prize, she walked away empty handed  but jingling all the way.

1 comment:

cherilyn_miller said...

Idk, I think Hilary really should have won that contest..... ;)

Looks like your first ugly sweater party was fun! Love the family pics!