Monday, February 16, 2009

how to pick it.

why does picking a pre school have to be so hard? there are so many practical things to consider.

schedules: none seem to work well with ours, 8-10:30 tuesday and thursday just seems like a joke.
cost: i know they have to charge us something, but i still have to pay the babysitter too! 
age: he is 30 days past the birthday cut off and will no doubt be the oldest kid in class. this may seem silly but im just letting you into my brain, its a concern of mine.
and i do have a question, are all pre school class rooms cluttered and busy looking? i may be setting my expectations too high in assuming that things should be stacked and such but it seemed there was no place for my eyes to rest in the rooms i have visited.
i want your: stories, advice and tips for picking a preschool.  help me, im begging you! i have never done this before!


Kelly said...

I wish I had some advice for you. Unfortunately I am in the same boat. UGH!!!
How did they get to be 3.5 so soon?

Amanda Jo said...

Every preK classroom I've been in is cluttered and crazy. I'm glad that's a concern of yours...cause it makes a HUGE difference especially as their little senses are developing!

I hope you guys find a good one! Keep us posted!

diana said...

what about headstart and maybe you could volenteer to help decluter. or start your own with a friend like barb and i did with david and jen that work out good till we got transferred.if you did one day a week and the other mom did one day a week that would be the same as an one you enrolled him in would do. except for the headstart program. get two other moms and you could do it 3 days a week. ours was very structered with. with a mannua, progress reports and the whole thing.

DailyNewsie said...

Bring the little one down to Bowling Green, and I'll teach him stuff. :) We'll read Dr. Seuss books, go see the trains, learn about physics (and first aid) at the skate park, and have snacktime. Aunt Rachel loves snacktime.

Good luck!

Marci said...

I was talking to some school teachers here in Ohio about the cut off dates and what they thought about entering a child early in school if they had above average intelligence but miss the cut off date. They simply told me, "let your child be a child. All teachers love the older children because they are smarter and more ready to learn. That being said, they try to create programs for these kids and get them in advance classes. And not to push the age issue."

It's something for me to chew on and thought I would pass it on.

That won't stop me from putting her in early childhood education program if I can come up with the funding though!