Sunday, February 22, 2009

no, no, i dont want to!!

hmm, sound familiar? if you have little ones you have most likely heard that phrase, at least once.

in this case, that is me i am disobedient child being made to do something i dont want to do.

since im sure youre dying to know what it is im being forced is ...
being nice to people all the time, and use so much sarcasm*huff*

i got convicted yesterday when i got an email from a friend, whose blog i commented on, the comment was meant as a poke in the ribs kinda joke and from her e mail, it sounded  like i had offended her. the idea that maybe i had offended her weighed heavily on me last night and this morning and i wrote her an apology to which she responded that she wasnt offended. whew! but it occurred to me that whether she was offended or not wasnt the issue. as Christians we are suppose to lift each other up and support one another, poking my friends in the ribs fulfills the criteria of neither of those. now im not saying i should only be serious and  i should write sappy comments to all my friends but i should think before i hit publish comment.

God showed me by this exchange with my friend that there were some bad bits inside that needed to get broken off. starting now i will let God work with me on becoming more humble, even though i think it will be uncomfortable for me and i will be more considerate of whom i make the butt of my joke.

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