Thursday, February 19, 2009

the visit

i went over to Christian Academy of Madison yesterday at lunch to pick up an application and i was very encouraged.

i met and got to talk to the teacher, she had a few minutes since the kids were in music class, she showed me some of their penmanship papers, discussed classroom procedures and expectations of students. at the end of the year the kids will know at least 14 letters by recognition and the sound they make and recognize #s up to 20. 
in addition to letters and #s they will have music time, art time, PE ,bible learning and memory verses. and for kindergarten 4 and 5  free play time and rest time.
the class room while a little busy was not cluttered with too many supplies or too many books and toys. the teacher was energetic and a firm leader.
now the only question is whether they will accept D since he is past the indiana birth cut off date of august 1. i did see however on the paperwork they gave me that if you live in KY where the date is oct 1 they will abide by that, so hopefully (cross your fingers) it wont be a problem even though we dont live in KY. 

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Kelly said...

YaY!!! I need to get on the ball over here finding one for Collin. I have a couple at the top of my list to get in touch with.

I hope they accept him. He is not too far off from the cut off.

Good Luck. I will say a prayer for you.