Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a few life rules

rule #1 repurpose what you already have. as in the relish tray repurposed into my drawer organizer.
rule #2 a little dirt is ok, you can clean it up later

Rule #3 go for the color!
Rule #4 it tastes better fresh

i still have a couple a unanswered questions, and i wouldnt want to disappoint my throngs of adoring fans (hahaha)
Diana askes
What influences your style? what types of things are you drawn to?
the first thing that influences what im drawn to is, cost, or better yet, lack of cost the kind of thing you find on the side of the road. if money were no object, oh, the fun i could have at the lumber mill antiques.
i like stuff that looks ...well...used, i guess, probably because im so accustomed to stuff thats used. but good used stuff mind you, not junk, not stuff thats broken or used up, just stuff that has a worn spot where Granny's hand rubbed the paint right off after 30 years of use. i also live to repurpose. my Rath Packing Co. lard bucket makes the BEST biscuit server its nice and deep so you can fit alot of biscuits in there.
most of you know i love vintage, i love vintage because it feels less stressful, it feels like back when the tv wasnt on all the time, back when people popped over after church on sunday, back when women cooked pot roast and baked pies and made Jell-o salads.  or maybe just what i think it was like back then.


Holly said...

You have some wonderful life rules!

diana said...

u live in the perfect house for your personality :)

amber said...

love food right out of the garden!