Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hey, we're from Jewett

this weekend while i was visiting my mom, i took the kids down the bike trail and over to play at the play ground that still exists in the old Jewett school yard. i went to school at Jewett from the last month of kindergarten all the way through fifth grade. they closed Jewett 2 years ago when they open a bigger better elementary school, one with air conditioning.
this poor old teather ball pole looked so lonely, oh for the days when Lynette White and Brandy Gilson would whoop your hiney every day of the week at teatherball. i was no good, the swings were my thing.
its where i got my first concussion right here. i was running up when the bell rang holding hands with Christy Feller and well, fell. my mom likes to remind me that on the way to the hospital i barfed in her car.
and here we all are Mrs Lantz's second grade class i graduated with most of these kids. you already know who i am you saw my second grade picture last fall, the girl directly behind me in the blue dress is Christy, the girl next to her in stripes, Brandy and the boy on her other side, one of my very oldest friends Aaron he was in first grade with me, my mom went to Jewett elementary school with Aaron's dad Andy.

the only person in this picture who's face i ever see is Jenny Mccarty, bottom left, she's my sister in law's step sister now, we have a couple of facebook friends in common.

it was sad to see my old school getting overgrown and vandalized, i peeked in the windows, the art room was the same, except the tables had been moved out, the clock was still on the wall. if theres ever an auction, i want that clock.


diana said...

if ther"s ever an auction, u'll get that clock :)

Holly said...

How sad to see your old school closed. Sounds like you had some great times there.

diana said...

got the clock