Friday, September 18, 2009

you asked #2

Amanda asked

what are you passionate about?

Teaching kids how to rely on God and have faith in Jesus Christ as their savior.
i work with kids in a program called Team Kids on thursday afternoons we pick up the kids from school in our team kids bus and take them to our church. there we sing our memory verses, play games and feed the kids a light dinner. in some cases this is the only experience that the kids have had with church. Team kids memory verse songs stick with kids forever and by this program we are able to plant seeds.

Holly asked

are you and your husband planning to have more kids?

i am not planning on giving birth to anymore children. i love my son with all my heart he is such a blessing, i have loved watching him grow and learn, but im not a baby person. the 100 percent reliance on me is too much pressure, plus theres the lack of sleep. Presented with the opportunity to adopt an older child, i would be all over that, i can get on board with raising a child who can feed and bathe themselves and needs us for the love, guidance and discipline aspects of parenting.

Marci asked

if there were a movie about your life what would it be called?

good question, right? i actually had to think about this one. I came up with "his eye is on the sparrow" there have been so many times, looking back, that i see where Gods watchful eye has been on me.i  wont say that no harm has ever befallen me but i do see where some situations could have been so much worse but they never were. non believers may call it a charmed life but in my mind theres only one explaination. everything in my life has been leading up to RIGHT NOWand he continues to provide for me and comfort me as i now recognize him as Lord of my life.

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Holly said...

It was great learning more about you! I love these question and answer posts. Perhaps I should do one sometime. :)