Sunday, December 27, 2009

the goodies

these little babies were a total hit at the family christmas party.

im sure someone somewhere has made these before but i have never seen it so im going to go ahead and claim that this was my idea, inspired by my sweet 4 yr old boy who will do anything at the promise of marshmallows.

he enjoys eating/playing with marshmallows and pretzel sticks, pretending that he's roasting the marshmallow on the pretzel stick. add chocolate and ...viola, a christmas treat.

we did get creative after the first few and put peanut butter at the bottom of some of the cups and peacns in others.
The boy named them christmas bells, yep, he was "ringing" our finished product like a little hand bell.


Grandma Rocky said...

Dominic and Moni,

These Christmas bells were wonderful.
You'll have to make more before next Christmas!! You could call them Easter bells!!

diana said...

sooooo cute

Holly said...

Those look absolutely delicious!