Tuesday, December 15, 2009

not a creature was howling

the christmas music program was tonight, all the practices and rehersal was a little stressful for the boy.

when i picked him up from school he was on the verge of whiny and had already long past argumentative. he fussed about dinner (pancakes!?, who argues about that?) he cried when i closed the garage door (he wanted to do it) and let me add that on top of this i was faced with one of my least favorite weather patterns cold wind and flurries.

i managed to get him inside the house, dressed in his chapel uniform (navy pants, white button up shirt, navy socks, black shoes, belt) and back out the door without incident.

i found his teacher and a few minutes later the program commenced.

with not a howl to be heard.


Jessica said...

I'm glad the play went well!

I must say, he & Addison seemed to be having the same kind of banner day. Addison wanted gum. But I unwrapped it for her which she didn't like. When I wrap it back it's not right. And so on & so on. If this hadn't been at my prenatal appointment & didn't include mounting whininess & crying maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. Aaaahhh!!!!!!

Amanda Jo said...

School has a way of taking it out of kiddos! We even had to move bedtime back to 7:30 for our wild guy.

Glad D's program went well! :D