Thursday, December 31, 2009


well, its the last day of the year, i see.
ive complied a list of things i did this year.
im going to say it really fast **deep breath**

i:hosted a giveaway, made fresh OJ, shoveled snow, sang the praises of cream cheese, thrifted, sewed, re-awakened my love of lego building, dreamed of summer, became good real life friends with one of my blog friends,  lamented what i hate about winter, taught D knock knock jokes, planted flowers, hugged all my siblings, kissed my neice and nephew, took Ken to see Xmen, sustained a wii baseball injury, read all of the harry potter books, learned to grill, went to a street fair, got a piano, hosted the WHOLE family for a weekend, ate nachos for breakfast, grew peas, went on a school field trip, consumed many lattes, watched my brother in law at the batting cage, ate free ice cream, went to the jefferson county 4-H fair, took D bowling for the first time, roasted marshmallows and made smores, hiked, got on facebook, saw UP and made peace with the walmart pharmacy.

there was alot more but at the risk of making this post not worth your while to read, i will spare you.

heres to making this year at least as good as last *cheers*


Ken said...

At the risk of embarrassing you, you forgot one, "made your husband feel incredibly loved, blessed and appreciated." (16 years in a row)

diana said...

aww ken that was sweat i was going to add enriched a lot of lives

amber said...

happy new year!

Holly said...

I love this list! You had a great, busy year!

Happy New Year!