Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dang it!

i missed a day. but not without good reason, there was a HUGE storm and ..no joke...lightning hit a transformer (or whatever) and knocked out power for a couple hours. lucky for us, i had unplugged our computer and modem, ya know, just in case. so no damage, but i then couldnt figure out which wires to re connect where, hence, i couldnt blog.

aside form the crazy storm not much went on yesterday anyway.

really, not too much today either, we did go to the pool after work. last year, the pool was free after 5 this year, not so. (sad face)

i paid, but dont think we will be going to the pool after work very often, i will save that for my day off when D is well rested and we get to spend more than an hour there.

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