Thursday, June 17, 2010

still here!!!

its finally done!! i started this diaper wallet about 4 months ago, then got discouraged because i was having trouble binding one of the pockets, then buried it and forgot about it, then decided that it just couldnt become a complete waste of the fabric i had used and decided that it must be finished. so it is now finished.

i also whipped up a little changing pad, which i had promised marci i would bring the next time i came, since im going in 2 weeks i figured i better get cracking, a couple more shouldnt take me too long.

the fabric for the diaper wallet is all new, except for the plaid trim which i salvaged from a skirt that i had shortened. the holly hobbie fabric was leftover from a pair of PJs my mom made me when i was 4. i love the buttons which were an after thought, theyre covering up my raggedy stitching where i attatched elastic as a closure.

and marci came up with the idea of adding the key ring so you can attatch it with a clip to your purse or stroller, smart gal, thats why i love her.

so this is how i spent my all-day crafting marathon, doesnt seem like much but between the times i had to stop to find stuff, and time to stop and run to wal-mart, it took up a good portion of my day.


Marci said...

Oh goodness! I loooooove the fabric and it's so cute!!!

Rae's Random Ramblings said...

Very cute!

Holly said...

You are so talented!