Saturday, June 26, 2010

fourth of july craft

this is one of the easiest crafts i have done in a long time, it was super quick, i finished it and hung it in about 45 minutes. i cut one triangle to a size i liked and used it as a pattern for all the rest. then just stitched them all together, added 2 ribbons for hanging and Viola!

the red check fabric is an apron from the dollar tree that i cut up, 2 actually, the dark blue is something i have had in my stash for a while and the blue stripe is my man's old shirt which i snagged last month when i noticed the collar and cuffs all frayed.

a fun and festive touch to my front porch id say.


Tricia said...

I love it! I've been wanting to make a bunting for some've inspired me to go ahead and do it!

Holly said...

This is so wonderful! You're so creative!