Friday, November 19, 2010

the house has been on the market for 4 days, we have had one showing and the house is cleaner than its ever stayed for more than a day which i have to attribute to Ken's dilligence in picking up after dominic and sadly, after me as well.
we are going to look at houses this morning. theres one particular property that we have our eye on, the problem... its more than twice what we can afford.

it is an historic renovated fire house with a residence on the top floor and a 22x60 foot open work space on the bottom, we could have church there!

but the only way we are getting this is if God gives it to us, since its more than a little out of our price range.
the reason we are even looking at it is to see how well it would suit our needs, if it sounds like a good idea in theory but just doesnt feel right, we will forget about it, but if it looks like something that could really work, we will be praying for God to give us the fire house.

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diana said...

i can aford the master suite