Saturday, November 13, 2010

it has stared

i finished the first gift of the season!!!

i will let you see it but shh, dont tell my neice, Stella.

a mini chef hat and apron.
the hat was super easy
take an 18 x18 square, fold it in half then in half again, so its a smaller square. then make it round by cutting the open sides into a quarter circle.

make a 4x24 inch band by cutting an 8 x22 inch piece and folding it in half, i stitched a piece of scrap muslin sandwiched in the middle for a little added stiffness
sew up that top edge where the band is open. i left what would be the back of the band open but over lapped and finished off so the size can accomodate bigger or smaller heads add a velcro strip as the last step if this is what you choose to do

mark the band on the raw edge in 4 places evenly spaced, mark the circle as well, then pin the circle in on the matched marks the raw edges should match up.

start stitching, gathering between the pins as you go.
now is when you add a velcro strip or a piece of elastic.

the apron is completely free form, just do whatever you want, the only requirements are a string to tie it and a part that covers your front while youre cooking.

personally, i love this little inverted kick pleat in the middle of the front, its one of my favorite styles to sew.

so are you up for my buy almost nothing christmas challenge this year? tell me about your projects!!

and do not forget!! Sew, Mama ,Sew (on the side bar, under my blog list) has tons of great ideas.


Tricia said...

That is adorable, I'm sure she'll love it.

Amanda Jo said...

Holy cow! You're super talented!!! That looks wonderful!!!