Friday, November 19, 2010


wow, i feel like a blogging overacheiver today with post #2

another christmas gift,finished!! yay, me!!

this ones for my baby nephew and like the awesome aunt i am, i made a little lovey to go with it, just in case (not saying it will happen) this becomes THE blankie, so my sister wont have to carry a full on blanket around for 4 years, the lovey should hold up much better to washings as well, having not been actually dragged in the dirt.

but if baby Jackson is not too crazy about my gift and chooses a stuffed animal as his security toy, at least little stuffy will have a blanket too.

this took me about 5 hours of work time to complete, since its really my first big patchwork project and certainly of of the nicest things i think i have ever made, all bound on the edges, and whatnot. i do have to say i am rather proud of it.


amber said...

It looks great! You are an awesome (and very talented) auntie!!

Anonymous said...

monica that is just beautiful

Marci said...

Beautiful! I love the lovey idea.

diana said...