Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the birth of a catch phrase

we have alot of catch phrases in our house.

some from movies "anaconda squeeze" for instance (Nacho Libre)

some from tv shows "my momma bought me that car" is one that gets thrown around for no good reason (from my all time favorite episode of Psych)

and some from the mouth of the boy.

this is where we get one of my FB catch phrases.

last year he came home from school with a street rhyme that his teacher had taught them

chicka, chicka whole potatah,
half past alligatah
bim, bam, boo, legatah
give three cheers for the dippy, dappy, happy, scrappy
are we happy? well, i guess
readers, readers, yes, yes, yes!

the last line changed MANY times around here, it became chicken, chicken, yes, yes, yes.
it became bath time, bath time yes, yes, yes. it became pretzel, pretzel, yes, yes, yes.
it finally landed on

Coffee, Coffee yes, yes, yes.

and as the old news anchor paul harvey would say, now you know the rest of the story.


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Grandma Rocky said...

Dominic, Dominic, yes, yes, yes!!